Participating if you know Ember


You are familiar with Ember and want to help write the Cookbook.


Get started by forking the repository. Send a pull request with an update to an existing recipe or a new recipe.


Based on your experience and knowledge of Ember, we recommend submitting pull requests with the following:

Problem statements are a good place for anyone to start helping. Feel free to submit pull requests that are just problem statements if there is a recipe you'd like to see. If you're new to Ember and/or haven't ever written an Ember app, this is a perfect place to start contributing.
Problem & Solution statements are a great way to participate if you're already writing Ember applications and have a known good solution to a particular problem statement. Feel free to leave _Discussion_ missing for someone else to fill out later.
Problem, Solution & Discussion is the right way to help if you have a deeper understanding of the topic and can write cogently about why the solution is a good idea, explain pitfalls of other solutions, etc.

You will be able to suggest possible recipes by forking this project and submitting a pull request with a new recipe (see Suggesting a Recipe).